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We can help you promote great reviews and solve customer service problems. helps you communicate with your customers. We provide you a way to contact your happy customers and get them to write positive reviews about you online. And if your customers have a bad experience we help route those complaints to you before they are broadcasted on the internet and become bigger problems for you.
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When your customer has received a service at your shop, send them a request through your StoreSavvi page. It’s Easy! Type in their email and click send!

Get Great Reviews

StoreSavvi sends a nice email message to your customer. If the customer says they had a great experience they are forwarded to your Social Media Pages but if they had a bad experience the message is sent directly to your email! So you can try to fix the situation before it becomes a bad review online.

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How it works

StoreSavvi makes it easy for your business to
communicate with customers to make sure they received great service.
Get awesome reviews from your customers quickly & easily

Signing up for is easy, just type in your email address and create a password. Then you'll be asked to provide your business contact information and the web adresses (URLs) to your Google My Business Page and your Business Facebook page.

We don't ask for any rights to post or look at your contacts, or anything like that. We only want the URLs so that we can point your customers to your proper pages. Once you have filled out these simple things, creates your account and allows you to send emails to your customers after they have visited your location.

When you send a message to your customer using, we direct good experience reviews to your Social Media Pages so they can post 5 Star reviews, and anything less than an amazing experience gets forwarded to your email so you can try to correct the customers dissatisfaction.

Simple Easy and Free for 60 days from when you sign up!

The best way to build more business for your shop is to invest time into building 4 Key things:

  • Experience

    How long you have been a leader in your type business.

  • Reputation

    How others see you and your services!

  • Communication

    How you tell your story and show potential customers what makes your business different.

  • Authority

    Do you know what you're talking about? Do you have the knowledge and the wisdom in your field?

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